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Faith and Wellness in Congregations

This site was created to help you and your congregation work towards creating a healthier community.

The places we work, live, learn, play and worship influence our food choices and our physical activity opportunities and, as a result, they have an impact on our health. Over the past two decades, these environments have changed drastically, often in ways that make it much harder to follow a healthy lifestyle. For example, fast food and other unhealthy options are often cheaper and easier to find during our daily routines, and neighborhoods may not have safe areas for kids to play actively outdoors.

Within our congregations we are faced with a number of challenges – and opportunities – around healthy decision-making. Congregations have significant, but at times underused, assets such as: kitchens, playgrounds and gyms, land for gardens, and food expertise, as well as values, beliefs and traditions, which could be used to improve access to healthy food and physical activity.


You have the power to change your immediate environment to make healthy choices the easy choices for everyone. Using the Congregational Health Index or "CHI" is a great place to start. By examining the facilities and practices of your congregation, you can identify strengths and weaknesses as well as plan improvements to enhance your faith community's health.

Hopefully, the changes you adopt inside your congregation will carry over into other settings that influence your congregants' lives, and into the community through your community ministry, outreach or social justice work.  May your wellness work become part of who you are and serve as an example to others.

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Click here for information on how to Get Started with the CHI.  Haga un clic aquí, para el Índice de la Salud de Su Congregación. Click here for a copy of the CHI in Spanis

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